First Generation College Student

First Generation College Student Career Resources

First Generation and Low Income Students

If you are the first person in your family to navigate the college world, or if you’re not quite sure how you’ll fund it, but you know you want to go, please know that there are more people out there who share your situation than you think, and that there are also a lot of amazing resources and people who are out there to help you figure it out.

My number one piece of advice here is ASK QUESTIONS.  No one expects anyone to know everything, and if you don’t have immediate family who are familiar with the process, it’s ok. Your guidance counselor, job supervisor, teachers, coaches, friends’ parents…all can be great sources of information or can help you find someone who does have an answer, even if they don’t.

A lot of colleges and universities have specific support for first generation students, whether that’s a special orientation program, scholarships, advisors, or other resources, and finding them fast and using them to your advantage can make a major difference in your college experience.