About Career Exploration

About CareerExploration.com


What is CareerExploration.com? - CareerExploration.com is a free tool for students and recent graduates to search, discover and learn about jobs, industries and work areas that interest them. And... most importantly, connect with resources to learn more about them.

What makes CareerExploration.com different? - After years of teaching career and technical education, CareerExploration.com founders realized that the people who could most effectively describe careers - the opportunities and latest technology - were the people who actually worked in them.  So we partner with industry experts, employers, and professional associations to do this.

The search tool is free to use for high school students, college students, college career centers, high school guidance counselors, academic advisors, parents, and the general public.

CareerExploration.com features one of the largest searchable listings of Experiential Learning opportunities, including Student Program Jobs, Corporate Early Career Programs, Internships, Externships, Fellowships, STEM Research and Clinical Experience Opportunities, and Gap Year Programs.  Listings are continuously updated.



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