Colleges and Programs

Wisconsin Colleges – This is a very easy and useful resource to use relative to searching Wisconsin for a program of study that meets your career ambitions.

EdD Programs – If you are considering an advanced degree in education, you may want to check out this website for degree programs and doctoral funding opportunities.

Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction – In the event you don’t know where to start with either preparing for a career in public education or are in need of support and resources for your current teaching endeavors, this website has the means to find you what you want to know.

College Scholarships, Wisconsin – The ‘Quick Navigation’ feature on this website will help you find financial aid and scholarship information.

WAICU (Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities) – This organization works together with all of Wisconsin private, non-profit colleges and universities in partner with Wisconsin industry and businesses. If you want to feel good about being on track with your program fitting in to what industry and business is needing and expecting of graduate, this may be a worthwhile website for you to explore.

EdVest – This could be a helpful resource for you if you need assistance establishing a path of savings for future higher education needs.

American Indian Education – Resources such as articles, publications, lesson plans, teaching & learning tools, journals and more are available on this web page of the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction.

Healthcare Pathways, Wisconsin – WOW! This is a wonderful website for information on the healthcare industry in Wisconsin relative to healthcare schools (long list here with offerings at each), education requirements for specific healthcare jobs, career and employer information. Definitely worth a look if you want to work in the healthcare industry or if you are currently in a career but want to maximize your potential or expand your expertise and skillset.

BadgerLink – This is a very interesting website as it provides Wisconsin residents with ‘licensed’, trustworthy content not necessarily rendered in a typical web browser search. From personal interest to educational research and resources, you may want to take a look.

State of Wisconsin Dept. of Safety & Professional Services – College searches by program classification (construction trades, engineering, history, healthcare…just to name a few) are available on this website. As well, helpful information on financials relative to higher education.

HEAB Financial Aid Programs, Wisconsin (Higher Education Aids Board) – You will find, on this webpage of the HEAB, plenty of pertinent information on student financial aid including grants, scholarships and loan programs.

Wisconsin College Grants Database – If you are a returning to college student, many options available for funding your higher education are provided on this website. Many grants and scholarships are listed for you to research and consider.

Most Affordable Colleges in Wisconsin – If you are concerned about transfer credit to a Wisconsin institute of higher learning, or if you need guidance on locating a college that is affordable to you, or maybe you are just perusing the grant and scholarship options for the state…..this site is a great resource.


Job Seekers and Career

Job Center of Wisconsin – Don’t know where to start on your job search? This website is thorough and easy-to-navigate. An abundance of information all relative to helping you get out into the work world.

WDI Job Seeker – There are many county, city, state and industry job resource links to explore on this website.

Skill Explorer – This is an interesting tool if you are searching for a job based on your skillset and training as opposed to searching for a job by title.

State of Wisconsin Government Jobs – Interesting jobs with excellent benefits are posted here. Many search parameters to help you hone-in on specific opportunities.

Wisconsin Job Network – On this website your search for a job will be supported by featured employers, virtual career events, published articles, podcasts and more. An easy-to-navigate sight with good information.

Working in Wisconsin – Aside from the typical keyword job search, this easy website may deliver good data on job openings as well as information on what life is like in the state of Wisconsin.

Building Wisconsin Together (Construction Business Group) – If you are looking for an apprenticeship in the field of construction, this website may be very helpful. Also experience for journeyworkers to keep skills up-to-date and learn new and innovative methods.

Wisconsin Government Jobs – Here’s a handy-dandy listing of government job openings by county, city, public utilities and by category.

Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services – Current job openings in this department are conveniently displayed.

iHireConstruction, Wisconsin - – Very simply, you want a job in construction in the state of Wisconsin, look no further than this search tool.

Wisconsin TechConnect – Here is a collaborative of Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges to bring you online employment information and opportunities. The drill-down to information is easy and the results plentiful relative to jobs in the technical field.

Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction – This is a convenient search tool to locate current public and in-state transfer job opportunities.

Wisconsin Dept. of Children and Families – Here you can find a variety of career opportunities both at the DCF as well as other state agencies.

Wisconsin Technology Jobs – An extensive list via, all current, all technology.


Leadership and Development

Wisconsin Rural Health Information Hub – If you want the latest information on current healthcare situations or perhaps, just update yourself on trends and articles of the profession, this webpage on the RHI Hub is a super resource.

Paralegal Association of Wisconsin – As a way to further your networking and professional development, you might wish to review this website. As a member, you will be involved in chapter projects and community projects.

RHI Hub Wisconsin – This is a guide for improving healthcare in the state of Wisconsin. Many information resources are listed for the healthcare professional. Also of interest to those looking to further their knowledge in the field via articles, publications and up-to-date current news situations.

Wisconsin Builders Association – For the home building worker, being a member of this organization gives you access to many useful and complimentary resources to support your business and interests including construction and modeling contracts and forms, a member hotline for legal building code, and safety questions.

Wisconsin Health Organizations – If it’s a convenient, long list of organizations and affiliations in the healthcare industry across Wisconsin is what you need, look here!

WBEA (Wisconsin Business and Education Association) – Do you know how important it is for you to get the best result out of your technology? This organization is here to help you make sure you are happy and productive with the technology you have to run your business.

WIAFP (Wisconsin Association for Financial Professionals) – Is your primary job the practice of treasury or financial management? You might want to visit this organization’s website and read about the benefits of a membership in this non-profit dedicated to providing an educational forum for members.

Wisconsin Technology Council – This council is the science and technology advisor to governor and legislature providing policy guidance, in-state networking to foster innovation, and economic catalyst through programs. Membership at a cost is required. This just might just provide you with the powerful ‘make a difference’ and contribution involvement you are seeking.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Wisconsin Labor Law Posters – For your start-up business you will need to display certain notices advising employees of their rights in the workplace. This is a convenient website that provides you with posters for free download to meet state requirements.

How to Start a Business in Wisconsin – WOW! This site is a super resource for step-by-step instructions and guidance on your business venture startup.

Starting Your Business in Wisconsin – If you are a ‘step-by-step’ person, then this website on how to start your Wisconsin business in 7 Steps will be a great resource for you. Behind each step is further information and guidance that is clear and concise without being overwhelming.

InWisconsin – Wisconsin welcomes game changers like you! To help you, programs for startup, technical support, and financial guidance information is available.

Wisconsin Technology Council, Entrepreneur’s Toolkit – This toolkit is designed to give innovators in the field of technology a guide.

Wisconsin Small Business Development Center – Confidential consulting and business education at no cost is available to assist your startup business. Planning, financing, sales and marketing, new products and marketing, financial management and operations are the basics with many more services available.

One Stop, Wisconsin – This website will provide easy step-by-step process whereby your start-up business can find the requirements and tools needed for success. The process can include business registration and licensing.


Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs – On this site, veterans will find an abundance of information on centers, facilities, programs, benefits, and much much more. A super resource for our nation’s heroes.

The American Legion – Wisconsin – Here is a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, financial assistant, and more.

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin – If you are a veteran finding yourself at-risk or homeless, this organization work to help you get food, clothing, shelter, and other basic needs.

Wisconsin DVA, Outreach and Recovery Programs – If you find yourself in need, the Wisconsin DVA will work on your behalf to connect you with community services, case management and support, and a focus on treatment and recovery.

State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection – Are you a military veteran interested in learning more about farming and getting started in agriculture? This Dept. is available to assist by providing you with access to resources and given guidance on business plan development.

WISC Jobs for Vets – Whether you one of our nation’s heroes looking for a job, resources, or apprenticeships, many Wisconsin businesses across the state are actively looking for you for your work ethic and skills.