Colleges and Programs

Career Launch SD – Here is a helpful resource for you if you need assistance in exploring education and career options to help increase your earning power.

HOTT – If you are still in high school and contemplating a career in the health profession, take a look at the South Dakota Health Occupations of Today & Tomorrow website. Health career areas, online assessments, camps and activities are just a few of the resources you’ll find here.

South Dakota State University Health Professions Camp – As a high school student and someone interested in a career in the health industry, you’ll gain valuable experience and insight while participating in hands-on demonstrations and activities.

South Dakota CTE Career Cluster information – If you want a quick look at college course requirements for a degree path in a specific area (manufacturing, healthcare, finance, marketing, many more), you will find it here on the South Dakota state approved programs.


Job Seekers and Career

South Dakota Works - Looking for a job in South Dakota? This organization will help you find jobs, careers, and apprenticeships. As well, current job openings in “hot” market areas are identified. And, if you are an employer, look here to help meet your workforce needs.

South Dakota Information Gateway for Employment – This is an excellent resource website if you are current searching for a job, posting a job, or just researching employment opportunities in South Dakota. This government website is for individuals and businesses and is a good tool to start your search with.

South Dakota Jobs – This website is a great ‘real-time’ resource. It is updated daily with only verified, open positions in top companies.

Start Today SD – This is a great resource for current employees as well as high school students who are seeking apprenticeships.

Build South Dakota (Workforce Development) – Here is a fantastic site for you if you are looking to build a career in the construction industry in South Dakota. Education, scholarships, apprenticeships, job openings, it’s got it all!!

South Dakota DCTE – If you are someone interested in a technical career field, the services provided by the South Dakota DOE are available to you on this website. You will find help in preparing for the transition from high school to a career path as well as guidance in real-life events.

Hot Career Clusters – South Dakota Dept. of Labor & Regulation – This webpage will provide you with information on the current prevalent career opportunities in South Dakota. Wage information, skillset, job description, industry area…..lots of good information here.


Leadership and Development

SDACCC – If you have just graduated and need connections, this website (South Dakota Association of College Career Centers) will connect you to employers, college career centers, and educational organizations across the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota Workforce Training – If you are an existing employee seeking to improve your job skillset, or an employer wishing to develop a valuable employee, the services available on this website will be helpful.

SERV SD – Are you a health professional interested in giving back to your community? Whether you are active or retired, you can search this website for how you can help your community or state during a health crisis.

Exploring Occupations of Interest, South Dakota Dept. of Labor & Regulation – Are you a ‘thinker’, ‘organizer’, ‘helper’???? This webpage may assist you in further defining the type of worker you truly are.

South Dakota BioTech – As an affiliate of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). Members of this organization work together to expand research, advocate, educator and promote infrastructure development.

Nurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota (NPASD) – No matter what specialty area of nursing you practice, membership in this organization will provide you with not only continuing education support but continual advocacy for the major goals of the nursing profession.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

South Dakota SCORE – Do you want some free and confidential business start-up advice? SCORE can connect you with business mentoring, training, and many tools to support your initiatives. Plus, find a mentor, take a workshop, or browse this organization’s library of articles and blogs.

South Dakota Department of Health, Facts – If you are looking for facts and figures to spur or solidify your interest in the healthcare industry in South Dakota, this website has them.

South Dakota Department of Health, Licensing – Should you have an ambition to enter the healthcare field, the DOH will list the licensing boards mission and requirements. Could be a valuable ‘must read’ in program preparation.



Department of Veterans Affairs – South Dakota For your convenience, health and benefits administration information is at your fingertips with this link.

The American Legion – South Dakota Veterans Affairs - This website provides excellent state office and satellite information relative to locations, employment, education, healthcare, and much more for our nation’s heroes.

South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs – If you and your family are looking for guidance and information on healthcare, education, long term care, and burial honors, this website will give you professional customer service for your needs.

Veteran Services – Montana Department of Labor & Industry – If you are a disabled veteran in search of a specialist in the department to help you with a specific need, this website will quickly give you information, links, and contact methods.

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation (services for veterans) – Whether you are a veteran or a company looking to hire one of our nation’s heroes, this website will provide you with a realm of services at no cost.