Colleges and Programs

Pennsylvania High Priority Occupations – This state government webpage provides you with a list of occupations that are in demand by employers, have higher skills needs and are most likely to provide family sustaining wages. Being aware of how Pennsylvania is seeking to align workforce training and education funds may be of interest to you as you plan your educational goals and objectives.

Pennsylvania Career Guide – Consider downloading or just opening and perusing this .pdf file which offers great information relative to career guidance. You may only need a portion of guide or it may be just the right resource in its entirety to get your career plans off in the right direction.

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education – This is a phenomenal website packed with great information, resources, guidance, interactive experiences….all things helpful in thinking about and planning your higher education experience in one of Pennsylvania’s postsecondary institutions.


Job Seekers and Career

Pennsylvania Employment – Head to this website to search for a state agency job. Highlighted are nursing jobs and opportunities for our nation’s heroes. Also available is information on internships within respective agencies.

PennDOT, Employment – You may think it a bit odd that by clicking on the link for ‘Immediate Job Openings’ on this website, a .pdf file opens up, but check it out. The information on this website is helpful relative to understanding careers in the commonwealth as opposed to private sector.

Pennsylvania CareerLink – This website is quite user-friendly and seems to have some powerful features that will assist and guide you in your journey. The PA CareerLink is sponsored by the PA Dept. of Labor and Industry. Its aim is to transform the landscape of how job-seekers locate family sustaining jobs. Also, for the employer, how to find the most qualified candidates for open positions.

Pennsylvania Department of Aging, Employment – Through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), the PA Dept. of Aging offers on-the-job training programs for low-income, Pennsylvania residents age 55 and older. Opportunities exist in both nonprofit and public venues and participants usually work an average of 20 hours per week.

Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training – Whether you are contemplating an apprenticeship or on the hunt for just the right experience, this subsite of the PA DLI website has numerous resources and an abundance of information to assist you in your apprenticeship venture.


Leadership and Development

PennServe – The nonprofit has a core mission of encouraging civic engagement through planned and structured community service focusing on promotion of the service ethics and volunteerism. The vision is to produce and implement long term plans of action for community service throughout the state.

Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Education – If you are a teacher or other non-formal educator wishing to connect your students to the natural environment, there are educational programs and opportunities you can offer to all students across the state.

Pennsylvania Game Commission – There is much information to be gathered on this website relative to education, special events, programming, special resources for parents and more all in support and with a purpose of expanding experiences and knowledge of the state’s gaming sector.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS) – This website will help you apply for, renew and check on the status of your professional license. An application checklist is provided to guide you with requirements and necessary documents needed.

Pennsylvania Office of SBA – This website has an abundance of good and necessary information for the small business owner. Additional helpful information on topics such as licensing, trade name registration, permits and zoning ordinances.



Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs – This state government department has a dual mission: First to provide quality service to the commonwealth’s veterans and their families, and second, to oversee and support the members of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Services for Veterans – The Veterans Program offers a full range of employment services to assist veterans in their search for work. In addition, educational programs, medical care entitlement, nursing home assistance, and other related resources for veterans are available on the Pennsylvania Veterans Registry.

Pennsylvania Department of Veterans Affairs – On this site, veterans will find an abundance of information on centers, facilities, programs, benefits, and much much more. A super resource for our nation’s heroes.

The American Legion – Pennsylvania – Here is a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, financial assistance, and more.