Colleges and Programs

North Dakota Colleges – This is a very easy and useful resource to use relative to searching North Dakota for a program of study that meets your career ambitions.

EdD Programs – If you are considering an advanced degree in education, you may want to check out this website for degree programs and doctoral funding opportunities.

College Scholarships, North Dakota – The ‘Quick Navigation’ feature on this website will help you find financial aid and scholarship information.

North Dakota College Grants Database – If you are a returning to college student, many options available for funding your higher education are provided on this website. Many grants and scholarships are listed for you to research and consider.

Most Affordable Colleges in North Dakota – If you are concerned about transfer credit to a North Dakota institute of higher learning, or if you need guidance on locating a college that is affordable to you, or maybe you are just perusing the grant and scholarship options for the state…..this site is a great resource.

trainND – Perhaps a broad spectrum approach is where you are in your career search. If so, trainND has training resources for every industry across North Dakota. A great website for honing in on your career preparation options.

North Dakota Long Term Care Association – Here you will find information on education, career opportunities, scholarships and training for the field of health continuum care.

Associated General Contractors of North Dakota – Might be worth a quick look at the Scholarships offered by this organization for high school students interested in construction careers.

North Dakota Dept. of Public Instruction – This website offers a portal of much information relative to public instruction offerings. As well, if you are seeking specific information on accreditation, professional development, tuition assistance, and grants, it’s a great resource.

North Dakota Colleges – This is a very easy and useful resource to use relative to searching North Dakota for a program of study that meets your career ambitions.

North Dakota EduTech – If you are a current educator in and are seeking workshops for technology professional development, there are many listed on this website for you to choose from.

North Dakota State Library Portal – this is a super portal that can lead you to many avenues of desired information – jobs, volunteerism, searchable state databases, education grants and training.

EdD Programs – If you are considering an advanced degree in education, you may want to check out this website for degree programs and doctoral funding opportunities.

College Scholarships, North Dakota – The ‘Quick Navigation’ feature on this website will help you find financial aid and scholarship information.

Healthcare Pathways, North Dakota – WOW! This is a wonderful website for information on the healthcare industry in North Dakota relative to healthcare schools (long list here with offerings at each), education requirements for specific healthcare jobs, career and employer information. Definitely worth a look if you want to work in the healthcare industry or if you are currently in a career but want to maximize your potential or expand your expertise and skillset.

RUReadyND – This is a great site for education and career planning in North Dakota. This site is easy to navigate and has many features to help in your preparedness for your post high school endeavors. Career planning, college planning, financial planning. The information rendered to you in your navigation selections keeps the experience in your own perspective.


Job Seekers and Career

North Dakota CTE – If you are wondering where your current career or program of study is leading you, this website provides easy-to-navigate information and guidance.

Bismarck Workforce Center – This is a great place to either start or get specifics about your search whether it’s looking for a job, seeking additional training or certifications, participate in workshops, or locating veteran resources.

SCSEP Experience Works (Senior Community Service Employment Program) – In the event you are looking to re-enter the work world or need something to supplement your retirement benefits, this website offers you a stepping stone to employment for low-income, unemployed individuals age 55 and over.

North Dakota Workforce Connection Job Search – You may want to take a look at this searchable free online service for job seekers and employers no matter what your employment ambition. Apprenticeships, job openings, internships, lots of current market information as well.

North Dakota Job Service – Services for both job seekers and employers can be found on this easy-to-navigate website.

iHireConstruction, North Dakota - – Very simply, you want a job in construction in the state of North Dakota, look no further than this search tool.

Experience North Dakota – This page on the Dept. of Commerce website will give you a nice list of current job openings throughout the state.

EdJobsND – This site contains only the official postings of North Dakota schools.

North Dakota Oil Jobs – If you can tolerate all of the pop-up ads that appear when you bring this website up, the current openings in the petroleum industry in the state of North Dakota are listed.


Leadership and Development

TSMR – If you are a professional in manufacturing and are looking to make a contribution to middle and high school students looking to enter this career field, take a look at the Tri-State Manufacturer’s Association Dream It. Do It. Manufacturing Dream Team initiative.

North Dakota TSA (Technology Student Association) – High School and Middle School students will find this website of value if they desire to join an association that will nurture technical literacy, leadership, and problem solving…..all important during the middle and high school years for personal growth and opportunities.

Humanities North Dakota – If you are the type of person who seeks to share their career knowledge through messages of community thoughtfulness and self-reflection, then take a few minutes to peruse this website. You may find more ways to bring people together than you thought.

North Dakota Indian Business Alliance – A great array of business building resources including webinar series is provided on this website. This organization seeks to grow and strengthen Native American entrepreneurships.

North Dakota Livestock Alliance – For an interest in agriculture non-profit, this organization provides assistance to farmers, ranchers, and communities the development and/or expansion of your livestock industry.

North Dakota Rural Health Information Hub – If you want the latest information on current healthcare situations or perhaps, just update yourself on trends and articles of the profession, this webpage on the RHI Hub is a super resource.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Main Street ND – This website is very helpful for any entrepreneur as it has straight-forward and easy to navigate information regarding starting a business, moving a business, or expanding a business.

How to Build a Business in North Dakota – You will find great topics addressed within this site to assist you in planning and establishing a business. You can get information about what you should do and what you need to do.

North Dakota Labor Law Posters – For your start-up business you will need to display certain notices advising employees of their rights in the workplace. This is a convenient website that provides you with posters for free download to meet state requirements.

SBA of North Dakota – If you need a simple yet precise checklist for your start-up business, this office of the Small Business Administration has it for you. As well, additional helpful information on topics such as licensing, trade name registration, permits and zoning ordinances.

How to Start a Business in North Dakota – WOW! This site is a super resource for step-by-step instructions and guidance on your business venture startup.

Starting Your Business in North Dakota – If you are a ‘step-by-step’ person, then this website on how to start your North Dakota business in 7 Steps will be a great resource for you. Behind each step is further information and guidance that is clear and concise without being overwhelming.



North Dakota Department of Veteran Affairs – Many of well-deserved needs of our country’s veterans can be found here. Compensation claims, counsel on employment, educational programs, medical care entitlement, nursing home assistance, and other related activities and resources for veterans are available.

Community Action Partnership of North Dakota – On this website you will find supportive services for veteran family needs. All state resource agencies are represented at the local level so that all veterans and their family members secure what they need to obtain and maintain self-sufficiency.

North Dakota Job Seekers – Veterans – If you want to see a vast assortment of resources available for veterans to assist in the job search, this website is well worth the viewing.

North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs – On this site, veterans will find an abundance of information on centers, facilities, programs, benefits, and much much more. A super resource for our nation’s heroes.

The American Legion – North Dakota – Here is a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, financial assistant, and more.