Colleges and Programs

The New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) – Here is a good resource to help you strategically select the right college for the right reason and to understand the funding of the educational experience you choose. Some good and helpful information for students (virtual tours, local scholarships), parents (college calculator) and educators (downloadable curriculum, professional development opportunities).

EdD Programs – If you are considering an advanced degree in education, you may want to check out this website for degree programs and doctoral funding opportunities.

The Community College System of New Hampshire – Why would you choose a community college for a higher education experience? Well, there are many reasons. And, with the CCSNH, the reasons are all front-and-center. Want to know more? The link is right here.

College Scholarships, New Hampshire – The ‘Quick Navigation’ feature on this website will help you find financial aid and scholarship information.

New Hampshire Works, Career Services – There are a few valuable links on this website that will direct you to guidance and tools in the search for your chosen career.

New Hampshire College Grants Database – If you are a returning to college student, many options available for funding your higher education are provided on this website. Many grants and scholarships are listed for you to research and consider.

Most Affordable Colleges in New Hampshire – If you are concerned about transfer credit to a New Hampshire institute of higher learning, or if you need guidance on locating a college that is affordable to you, or maybe you are just perusing the grant and scholarship options for the state…..this site is a great resource.

Teacher Certification Degrees, New Hampshire – If it’s your desire to become a teacher in the state of New Hampshire, there are many paths to certification. The various certification processes are outlined for you on this website.

Healthcare Pathways, New Hampshire – WOW! This is a wonderful website for information on the healthcare industry in New Hampshire relative to schools (long list here with offerings at each), education requirements for specific healthcare jobs, career and employer information. Definitely worth a look if you want to work in the healthcare industry or if you are currently in a career but want to maximize your potential or expand your expertise and skillset.


Job Seekers and Career

Stay, Work, Play New Hampshire, Jobs – This webpage provides a very long list of companies with links directly to respective career webpages where current job opportunities are posted.

State of New Hampshire Job Opportunities – Here is a handy link that will take you directly to the state’s list of open jobs. They conveniently are listed by most recent post. As well, if you don’t wish to scroll or navigate the opportunities displayed, there is a basic search tool available.

New Hampshire Works, Job Match System – For career seekers, this website provides many links to resources relative to finding a job such as ’10 steps to a new job’, job market trend information, virtual recruiter and resume builder. For the employer, there are recruitment and education services along with helpful tools to attract the right candidate for your opening(s).

New Hampshire Government Jobs – Here’s a handy list of government job openings by county, city, public utilities and other categories.

CCSNH, Employment Opportunities (Community College System of New Hampshire) – As New Hampshire’s state community college system is so vast, it would make sense that there could be an ample number of job openings. If you are seeking a job in the realm of higher education, you may want to take a look at the long list of opportunities.

iHireConstruction, New Hampshire – Very simply, you want a job in construction in the state of New Hampshire? Look no further than this search tool.

New Hampshire Estimates (State Occupational Employment and Wage Information) – Estimates on employment and wages for the state of New Hampshire by job category are available on this webpage of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics site. A great resource to review, perhaps, before you make that commitment to embarking on your career or even before a career educational program is undertaken.


Leadership and Development

New Hampshire Rural Health Information Hub – If you want the latest information on current healthcare situations or perhaps, just update yourself on trends and articles of the profession, this webpage on the RHI Hub is a super resource.

New Hampshire Health Organizations – If it’s a convenient, long list of organizations and affiliations in the healthcare industry across New Hampshire is what you need, look here!

New Hampshire Machining Association – What is the difference between a machinist and an engineer? How much money can a machinist expect to make and what is the career path? To answer these two questions and more, the members of this organization work to offer programs that have been designed to expand the dialogue between industry and educators. Plant tours, guest speakers and workshops are just a few of the ways information amongst members is shared with the idea of passing the content value on to students and learners.

New Hampshire Audubon, Learn – This nonprofit offers many conservation and education programs. Their staff consists of citizen-scientists and naturalists. The aim is to teach children, families, young adults and adults about the natural environment. If you are a K-12 teacher or even a college instructor, you may find some excellent content resources on this website.

New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education – NHSTE is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers interested in improving education through the integration of technology tools and techniques in the classroom. There is a foundation for linking educators across the state to share pertinent and effective information relative to new and emerging convergent technologies for teaching and learning.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

New Hampshire Office of SBA – This website has an abundance of good and necessary information for the small business owner. Additional helpful information on topics such as licensing, trade name registration, permits and zoning ordinances.

How to Start a Business in New Hampshire – WOW! This site is a super resource for instructions and guidance on your business venture startup.

Starting Your Business in New Hampshire – If you are a ‘step-by-step’ person, then this website on how to start your New Hampshire business in 7 steps will be a great resource for you. Behind each step is further information and guidance that is clear and concise without being overwhelming.

New Hampshire Small Business Development Center – In this organization, highly individualized and confidential advising at no charge to New Hampshire start-up enterprises is what a team of certified business advisors can provide you. As well, there are many online courses to help entrepreneurs learn about making their business dream become a reality.

BusinessNameUSA – When this site says ‘One Stop Business Registration’ they mean it!! No matter what state, what type of business you are starting up or adding on to, licenses, permits, tax ID’s needed, you will be walked step-by-step through the process AND get a fee schedule so you know your due diligence start-up costs – at least from an administrative standpoint.

Start Your Business With New Hampshire – A very good tool for the existing business person or entrepreneurs. Start your business, file an annual report, update a business and even administrative services are here for you. In addition, a number of resources (licensure, dept. of revenue, NH economy) to help support your plan or initiative.

New Hampshire Small Business Grants – State funding agencies, categories and the application itself can be found here.



New Hampshire State Office of Veteran Services – Many of the services needed by our country’s well-deserved veterans can be found here. Compensation claims, counsel on employment, educational programs, medical care entitlement, nursing home assistance, and other related activities and resources for veterans are available.

New Hampshire Veterans Resource Directory – If you don’t mind opening this .pdf file, you will find an abundance of pertinent and relative information (with a tabled index listing) on resources offered to our nation’s heroes.

New Hampshire Department of Veterans Affairs – On this site, veterans will find an abundance of information on centers, facilities, programs, benefits, and much much more. A super resource for our nation’s heroes.

The American Legion – New Hampshire – Here is a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, financial assistant, and more.