Colleges and Programs

Missouri Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education, Certification – This might be the first place you should look if you are considering earning your teaching certification in the public school system in Missouri.

Missouri Career Guide – This is a very long .pdf file published by the Missouri Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education. Did I say this was a very long .pdf file? But, having said that (twice), it just may be worth looking at as there is content of good integrity that will guide you in any number of different paths depending on where you are in your career planning process.


Job Seekers and Career

MO Careers – Here is a state public service job search tool. Very simple in that it lists all of the current job openings.

iHireConstruction, Missouri – Very simply, you want a job in construction in the state of Missouri? Look no further than this search tool.

Missouri Dept. of Mental Health, Employment Services – Support by their vision of employment being a viable option for anyone who wants to work, this organization works with partners and agencies committed to enhancing community employment options for the individuals they serve.

Missouri Job Centers – Use this handy tool to locate a Missouri Job Center near you. A visual map is provided with markers representing all center locations.


Leadership and Development

Missouri Arts Council – If you are lover of the arts, here is an agency dedicated to broadening the growth, availability and appreciation of the arts in Missouri. The diversity and energy of Missouri’s communities, economy and cultural heritage are represented in communities across the state via programs, education and art experiences.

Missouri School Counselor Association – This organization was founded to help individuals interested in school counseling make the most effective use of their talents in service to students, parents, school personnel and the community. Membership to MSCA is required but may be well worth it for the programs that are made available.

Missouri Dept. of Conservation – Trees and plants, fishing, hunting and trapping, discovering nature, wildlife…..on this state government website you will find a vast amount of helpful information on numerous facets of each conservation category. As well, workshops for your own property improvement and events by region are offered.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Missouri Office of SBA – This website has an abundance of good and necessary information for the small business owner. Additional helpful information on topics such as licensing, trade name registration, permits and zoning ordinances.

24/7 Missouri – Here is a super resource for the startup entrepreneur or business owner looking to expand. There are many components to this helpful website. First, and possibly foremost, you can get guidance relative to navigating government policy and regulation when it comes to your business. Secondly, the abundance of resources here may help you streamline and have confidence in moving your business forward.



Missouri Government, Veteran Services and Resources – Links to many of the services available and needed by our country’s well-deserved veterans can be found here. Compensation claims, counsel on employment, educational programs, medical care entitlement, nursing home assistance, and other related activities and resources for veterans are accessible here.

Missouri Department of Veterans Affairs – On this site, veterans will find an abundance of information on centers, facilities, programs, benefits, and much much more. A super resource for our nation’s heroes.

Missouri National Guard, Transition Assistance – If you are finding it confusing or difficult to navigate health care information and benefits, this organization is here to serve our nation’s heroes in guiding you through the network of Veterans Affairs’ resources.

The American Legion – Missouri – Here is a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, financial assistant, and more.