Colleges and Programs

Louisiana Believes, Pathways to Teaching – Here is a very helpful web subsite sponsored by the Louisiana DOE. The process to become a certified teacher in the state is outlined from quite a few different perspectives. There is also assistance and information relative to advancement and benefits.


Job Seekers and Career

Teach Louisiana – Open teaching jobs by geographical area are available on this subsite of the Louisiana DOE website. If geographical area doesn’t matter to you, search by teaching position is also an option.

Louisiana Workforce Commission, Apprenticeships – This organization will assist you in locating that ideal apprenticeship position while also supporting Louisiana’s employers and workforce partners. Their mission is straightforward: ‘We put people to work’.

Teach New Orleans – So many open teaching and support positions on this job board along with other school- and network-based positions. Posted by date, most recent first.



Leadership and Development

Louisiana Believes, Teacher Toolbox – Resources are here for the current educator to assist in the design and development of effective learning relative to lesson planning and content delivery in the classroom.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Louisiana Business Incubation Association – This group has been a valuable resource to incubator managers’ discussions, important state and federal legislation, economic incentives and best practices for the purpose of continued growth of Louisiana’s economy. A comprehensive program of business services and guidance relative to the needs of a start-up enhance the changes for success.

Louisiana Office of SBA – This website has an abundance of good and necessary information for the small business owner. Additional helpful information on topics such as licensing, trade name registration, permits and zoning ordinances.



Louisiana State Department of Veterans Affairs – Many of the services needed by our country’s well-deserved veterans can be found here. Compensation claims, counsel on employment, educational programs, medical care entitlement, nursing home assistance, and other related activities and resources for veterans are available.

Louisiana U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – On this site, veterans will find an abundance of information on centers, facilities, programs, benefits, and much much more. A super resource for our nation’s heroes.

The American Legion, Louisiana – Here is a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, financial assistant, and more.