Colleges and Programs

Learn More Indiana – This is a super website no matter where you are in your life plans or goals. There are helpful links for students and families, adult learners, our nation’s heroes and educators. Many tools and guides are available to aid you in finding a path to move forward and accomplish your educational and career ambitions.

Destination Indiana – For the teacher in you, this webpage of the Indiana Historical Society will offers your students or children educational experiences totally aligned with Indiana academic standards.

EdD Programs – If you are considering an advanced degree in education, you may want to check out this website for degree programs and doctoral funding opportunities.

Indiana Partnership for Early Learning – Very simply, the goal of this organization is to encourage and support more accessible and higher quality care for early learners.

College Scholarships, Indiana – The ‘Quick Navigation’ feature on this website will help you find financial aid and scholarship information.

Indiana College Grants Database – If you are a returning to college student, many options available for funding your higher education are provided on this website. Numerous grants and scholarships are listed for you to research and consider.

Most Affordable Colleges in Indiana – If you are concerned about transfer credit to an Indiana institute of higher learning, or if you need guidance on locating a college that is affordable to you, or maybe you are just perusing the grant and scholarship options for the state…..this site is a great resource.

Teacher Certification Degrees, Indiana – If it’s your desire to become a teacher in the state of Indiana, there are many paths to certification. The various certification processes are outlined for you on this website.

Mechanical Skills, Indiana – This organization will provide apprentice plumbers with a well-rounded education in preparation for a career in the plumbing field.

Healthcare Pathways, Indiana – WOW! This is a wonderful website for information on the healthcare industry in Indiana relative to schools (long list here with offerings at each), education requirements for specific healthcare jobs, career and employer information. Definitely worth a look if you want to work in the healthcare industry or if you are currently in a career but want to maximize your potential or expand your expertise and skillset.


Job Seekers and Career

Indiana Career Connect - Indiana Department of Workforce Development career listings.

Indiana Career Ready - INDIANACAREERREADY is your single source providing the tools needed to prepare and find high-demand and high-wage jobs needed now and in the future. Step inside and discover the next level of your career!

Indiana Government Jobs – Here’s a handy listing of government job openings by county, city, tribal sites, public utilities and other categories.

Indiana Jobs for America’s Graduates – Here is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping high school students of promise who have experienced challenging or traumatic life experiences achieve success through graduation. Mentoring while students are still in high school as well as one-year of follow-up counseling after graduate are offered.

Indiana Careers in Construction, Build to Success – It’s a great time to consider a career in construction. From skilled tradesmen to project managers to technical engineers….as opposed to registering for four years of higher education, perhaps an apprenticeship program that offers both education and a career is the right path for you.

Indiana Intern – Looking for an internship? This site offers you an internship-matching program sponsored by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. It links employers, students, high school, colleges and universities together via a dynamic searchable database. There is also a hotline that provides internship guidance and resource materials. The aim of this organization is to create and expand high-quality experiential opportunities within the state of Indiana.

iHireConstruction, Indiana – Very simply, you want a job in construction in the state of Indiana? Look no further than this search tool.

Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, Job Search and Career Training – This subsite of the state’s Department of Workforce Development website has resources for individuals seeking a job, locating education or training, employers seeking talent, and those just wanting career data, information and guidance.

Indiana Estimates (State Occupational Employment and Wage Information) – Estimates on employment and wages for the state of Indiana by job category are available on this webpage of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics site. A great resource to review, perhaps, before you make that commitment to embarking on your career or even before a career educational program is undertaken.


Leadership and Development

Indiana Afterschool Network – This organization works to establish partnerships with people, organizations and communities to bridge the gap between afterschool and summer programs in an effort to continue to provide K-12 children and youth with access to high quality learning opportunities beyond just the school day.

Indiana Memory – This website, sponsored by the Indiana state government, is a digitized gateway to Indiana’s history and culture. A fantastic resource for teachers with a wealth of books, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, maps and so much more in digital media format. Is also a very interesting portal for those individuals just wishing to locate materials relative to their interest.

Indiana Technology and Innovation Association – Membership in this organization means you are committed to giving technology-driven companies a stronger identify, a collective voice, representation and a consistent presence with state leaders and policy makers.

Indiana Rural Health Information Hub – If you want the latest information on current healthcare situations or perhaps, just update yourself on trends and articles of the profession, this webpage on the RHI Hub is a super resource.

CDPI (Career Development Professionals of Indiana) – By way of cooperative ventures and with a dedication to improving communication among member universities and colleges, the career services profession represented by this organization seeks to advance professional and employer development as well as public relations activities for this job sector.

Indiana Health Organizations – If it’s a convenient, long list of organizations and affiliations in the healthcare industry across Indiana is what you need, look here!

Indiana Manufacturers Association – Events, publications, programs, government matters…this association focuses exclusively on manufacturing. It is dedicated to advocating for a business climate that creates, protects and promotes manufacturing jobs of quality in the state of Indiana.

Indiana DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources), Interactive Recreation Map – The value to teachers and parents of this interactive map is that it is a super resource to educational sites across the state that contain much information on programs, camps, workshops, exercises and materials.

WorkINdiana – Nowadays, we all know that employers want and need individuals with experience and training behind them. This program offers those individuals the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency or to improve academic skills AND earn a career certificate at the same time. This may just give you the extra boost you need to get the job you want.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Launch Indiana – This organization focuses on creating the right opportunities and resources for startups and free enterprises looking to grow their innovation. They work to succeed at through the encouragement of co-working and engagement of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Indiana Small Business Development Center – This organization works to create and support a positive impact on the formation, growth and sustainability of small businesses in Indiana. Expert guidance and an in depth network of resources are offered. Scheduled events and workshops are also sponsored.

Indiana Office of SBA – This website has an abundance of good and necessary information for the small business owner. Additional helpful information on topics such as licensing, trade name registration, permits and zoning ordinances.

How to Start a Business in Indiana – WOW! This site is a super resource for instructions and guidance on your business venture startup.

Starting Your Business in Indiana – If you are a ‘step-by-step’ person, then this website on how to start your Indiana business in 7 steps will be a great resource for you. Behind each step is further information and guidance that is clear and concise without being overwhelming.

BusinessNameUSA – When this site says ‘One Stop Business Registration’ they mean it!! No matter what state, what type of business you are starting up or adding on to, licenses, permits, tax ID’s needed, you will be walked step-by-step through the process AND get a fee schedule so you know your due diligence start-up costs – at least from an administrative standpoint.

Indiana Small Business Grants – State funding agencies, categories and the application itself can be found here.



Learn More Indiana, Veterans – For those who have sacrificed in service to our country, aid is available to support affordable education. College planning, financial aid, bridge programs, life after the military and scholarships for the spouse are some of the resources available.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Veterans Services – Many of the services needed by our country’s well-deserved veterans can be found here. Compensation claims, counsel on employment, educational programs, medical care entitlement, nursing home assistance, and other related activities and resources for veterans are available.

Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs – On this site, veterans will find an abundance of information on centers, facilities, programs, benefits, and much much more. A super resource for our nation’s heroes.

The American Legion – Indiana – Here is a comprehensive resource directory to assist veterans, service members, and their dependents with questions about healthcare, financial assistant, and more.