Salary Resources


CareerOneStop, Salary Finder

Pros: A super salary resource. You can also perform a salary comparison and a link is provided where you can learn more about the occupation you searched on. Easy-to-use interface and information rendered of great integrity.

Cons: None discernable.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wage Data by Area and Occupation

Pros: The BLS is not just a salary resource, it’s also one for general career information. Find out what people are making in your field, what the requirements are and job review descriptions.

Cons: Occupation information tends to be very high-level, without much variance for different job titles. In addition, the salary information is usually median, so it can be tough to see the full range of salary info.


Educate to Career, Jobs Seeker Salary Calculator

Pros: The database covers all states and regions in addition to factors in education level as a predictor of salary. A straightforward search providing information on median salary, starting salary, top earner salaries, and likely market salaries. The states are broken down into regions so that very specific information may be given.

Cons: The site is very student-focused, so the general career information is geared more toward students and soon-to-be grads than the average job hunter., Salary database

Pros: Casual users can get a free “salary report” based on experience or location.

Cons: Much of the research and features of the “largest salary profile database in the world” are available as premium software for employers., My Salary Estimate

Pros: Super, easy interface. A huge database of job and salary information. The site also has a number of general job search and career development articles.

Cons: Many of its resources are available as paid options.


Idealist, Career Salary Survey

Pros: It’s a comprehensive resource for non-profit career information (job openings, career development, pay and benefits information).

Cons: The focus is limited to non-profits, so it can be difficult to compare nonprofit salaries and jobs to other fields and industries.


Free Online Job Offer Evaluator Tools

CareerOneStop, Compare Salaries - A user-friendly tool to Compare Salaries in different careers and/or in different parts of the country.

ADP, Salary Paycheck Calculator - Quite a powerful tool as it performs all the gross-to-net calculations to estimate take-home pay in all 50 states.

CNN Money, Cost of Living (aka How far will my salary go in another city?) - Comparable salary information between two cities is provided in addition to a few cost-of-living category breakdowns for those cities.

Fidelity, Should I stay or should I go? (quick 3-step job offer evaluator...this is a real eye-opener) Easy steps in this simple calculator may help make the right decision clearer.


Cost of Living Evaluator Tools

CareerOneStop, Compare Salaries - Same tool here as for CareerOneStop, Salary Finder listed above in Salary Resources --- be sure to look in depth at the results of your search to see a comparison in salaries.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, CPI Inflation Calculator - Simple, straightforward search interface and parameters.


Compare information on cost of living, employment, tax and crime.

Best Places, Cost of Living Calculator, Compare Cities - This cost of living salary calculator will determine how much more (or less) you need to maintain your same standard of living.

Cost of Living, Compare Living Costs Around the World - Using this tool, you can compare living cost between two cities or two countries. Helps you to determine how much you will need to earn to maintain your current standard of living.


An Overview of Employee Benefits