Career Coaching for College Students

Career Coaching Services for College Students

  • Resume Writing
  • Internships - Research, Applications
  • Identify Careers Interests through Assessments
  • Identify Career Opportunities to Apply to
  • Gap Year
  • Graduate School Research, List Development, Visit Planning, Applications and Scholarships
  • Work on Career Readiness Skills
  • Work with Graduates and Parents to make informed Career Decisions
  • Discuss Job and Career Trends

The Benefits of Career Coaching

Career coaching is an excellent investment of time, money and effort for anyone who wants control of the trajectory their career is taking.  Perhaps you've just graduated, or are just about to graduate, and want to get onto the first rung of the career ladder.  Perhaps you're looking for a better job, a more worthwhile or satisfying job.

Whatever your circumstances, career coaching offers you help in three main areas.  First, it can help you come to a clearer sense of what it is you want from a job and a career, and help you determine what career paths this suggests, along with understanding your own strengths, and having a clearer sense of your ambitions.  This self-knowledge is an essential first step to a rewarding career – a career that will enrich every aspect of your life.

Second, career coaching will help you develop the skills and strategies that make for successful job-hunting. Once you know what kind of jobs you want, the next step is to find them, and to make sure that employers notice your efforts. Knowing where to look for jobs, and how to craft a resume that gives you the real opportunity to compete for them, involve skills that few people have had any reason or opportunity to develop...until the need arises.

Finally, career coaching can help you with the messaging and delivery that will put you in the best possible position to convince employers to give you the job you want.  From targeted cover letters to preparing for interviews, to finding the right way of expressing your qualities and skills to potential employers.  These are things a career coach can help you with.

When it comes to all the practical skills involved in finding and getting your dream job, an experienced coach can act as a mentor, guide and resource.

Career Coaching for College Students and College Graduates

It's a sad fact that a good education doesn't guarantee you a good job – certainly not the great job you're looking for.   It takes practical know-how and hard work to turn a degree into a dream job. And even when you excel in the hard work department, that's where career coaching comes in.

A career coach can offer you advice and help in finding and getting your ideal job by helping you clarify what exactly you want from a job and a career, and what sort of job best fits your talents, education and individual personality.  A career coach can be a valuable ally in the task of finding jobs to apply to; there are far more jobs out there than you think.  Career Coaching can help you develop the many skills that successful job-hunting demands - from writing a resume that stands out from the crowd, to nailing interviews, to maximizing the potential of networking.

A skilled career coach can be an effective motivator and supporter when the task of finding a really good job seems daunting or impossible.  Please contact us to learn more.