Career Resources for Women


The Career Resources for Women page offers information on many organizations, colleges, foundations and opportunities dedicated to the career and educational advancement of women.  We encourage all who visit to start where you are, and wish you the best of luck as you design a life that has meaning, and is rewarding.



Specific Scholarship Sources

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting – Undergraduate, graduate and post graduate scholarship information.

Philanthropic Educational Organization – The P.E.O. sisterhood maintains six educational projects in the form of grants, scholarships and loans.

College Vine, 10 Best Scholarships for Women in STEM – If you are planning to study STEM in college, you may want to review these 10 substantial best scholarships for women.

American Geosciences Institute - A limited number of scholarship programs that are directly offered. Must be a declared major in recognized geoscience programs in the United States.

Women Chefs and Restaurateurs, Culinary Scholarships and Internships – An amazing list of industry scholarships listed on the WCR organization website.

Engineer Girl, Scholarships – This may not be an exhaustive list of scholarship opportunities for girls and women in engineering, but it’s a great supplement to other searches.

Wings Worldquest, Scholarships - To help support young women with ambitions to study in STEM fields, this webpage page of the Wings Worldquest website is a good resource for students seeking scholarship opportunities.

Science Ambassador Scholarship - A full–tuition scholarship for a woman in science, technology, engineering, or math.

Daughters of American Agriculture - This Foundation gives academic scholarships and first time attendee event scholarships.

Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Scholarship Award – This service organization provides financial scholarship awards to women who are the primary earners for their families. Each year more than $2.6million in scholarships and grants are given out to nearly 1,700 women.

National Safety Council, Women in Safety Scholarship - The Women in Safety Scholarship of the NSC provides a renewable scholarship for women studying safety in the workplace. In addition to a tuition award, funding also is provided to attend the NSC Congress & Expo. Any woman enrolled in a post-secondary program is eligible.

Society of Women Engineers, Scholarships - The SWE Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to women admitted to accredited baccalaureate or graduate programs, in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science.

Health Resources and Services Administration, Nurse Corps Scholarship Program - Eligible nursing students can apply to the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program (Nurse Corps SP). If accepted, your tuition, fees, and other educational costs will be paid. In return, you work at an eligible facility with a critical shortage of nurses—a Critical Shortage Facility (CSF)—upon graduation.

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund (JRF) - Provides scholarships for low-income women ages thirty-five and older across the US to build better lives through post-secondary education.

Women’s Forum of New York, Education Fund Awards – These awards are given to high-potential women, age 35 and over, whose education and lives have been disrupted by extreme adversity. Our awardees recognize that education is the way to fulfill their potential.

Jeanette Rankin Scholarship Fund – This fund honors the first woman elected to the United States Congress. Ms. Rankin left behind a portion of her estate to help disadvantaged women, providing the seed money for this scholarship fund. Low income women over age 35 are invited to break the cycle of poverty by applying scholarship funds to undergraduate degree and vocational school expenses.


Scholarship Sources

AARP Foundation, Women’s Scholarship Program - Helps low-income women win back opportunity. The Foundation’s scholarship program funds education, training and skills upgrades, leading to better employment opportunities and increased financial security for women and their families.


Jobs, Fellowships and Grants

Society of Women Engineers, Careers – The SWE online Career Center is the leading electronic recruitment resource for companies in the engineering and technology field.

American Association of University Women – You may want to check out AAUW’s upcoming fellowships and grants if you are looking to pursue academic work or lead community projects that empower women and girls.

SCORE, Top Small Business Grants for Women – SCORE provides a nice list of federal government grants, nonprofit and corporation grants. If you are an entrepreneur seeking financing, you may want to check out the grant programs. – Here is a central portal for individuals looking for grant monies. The system is well designed and thorough which makes it fast and quite easy to submit an application and interact with the grant-making agencies.

ChickTech Jobs – ChickTech is a national organization serving thousands of girls and women every year through events and programs. Check out their job board for remote or localized opportunities in the technical sector.


Networking and Associations

Women in Government

Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC) – This national network of over 100 Women’s Business Centers is a non-profit organization that works to secure economic justice and entrepreneurial opportunities for women. WBC assists women on their journey to success by providing training, mentoring, business development and financing opportunities.

Women in Aerospace – WIA has a mission of expanding women’s opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace business community. Membership is comprised of both women and men who share an interest in a broad range of sector issues. WIA organizes and sponsors events via web and teleconference in addition to conferences and meetings around the world.

ColorComm, Women of Color in Communication – ColorComm, Inc. is the nation’s leading women’s platform addressing diversity & inclusion across the communications, marketing, advertising, and media industries. It is a national professional membership organization with a mission of personally connecting women with other like-minded individuals and building a strong network of leaders by creating mentors, business relationships and friendships.

Alliance for Women In Media – This organization’s aim is to connect, recognize and inspire women across the media industry. It is a group formed by women for women and committed to supporting their members in all media sectors, to expand their networks, educate and celebrate their accomplishments.

Women’s Caucus for Art – The WCA’s aim is to create community through art, education and social activism. Women’s contributions in the arts are recognized. Leadership opportunities and professional development are advocated.

American Women’s Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) – Being a member of this organization means you are a part of a network that is over 400,000 strong and you receive support and guidance for the work you do every day. You are encouraged to be challenged to seize that next career milestone. Here is a link to a list of AICPA career sector openings.

American Medical Women’s Association – This organization is made up of physicians, residents, medical students, pre-medical students, healthcare professionals and supporters. Its mission is to advance women in medicate, advocate for equity and ensure excellence in healthcare.

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) – A professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines. It recognized and acknowledges excellence, promotes leadership and works hard to position members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.

American Business Women’s Association (ABWC) – While women’s opportunities and pay in the business sector have evolved, there is still work to be done…..This organization brings together business women of diverse occupations for the purpose of helping themselves and helping others growth personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition. Check out the more than 5,000 networking meetings hosted each year across the nation.

Career Girls - Career Girls is founded on the dream that every girl around the world has access to diverse and accomplished women role models to learn from their experiences and discover their own path to empowerment.

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) – This is a dues-based organization that represents the interests of all women entrepreneurs across all industries. Their claim is far-reaching clout and impact that propels women business owners into better economic, social and political ranges of power.


Startup and Entrepreneurship

SBA Office of Women Business Ownership (WBC) – Advocacy, outreach, education and support are the means of empowerment for women entrepreneurs. Comprehensive training and counseling on a range of topics help women start and grow their own business. Management and technical assistance is also provided by the WBC

SCORE, The Business Startup Roadmap – Thinking of starting your own business? It could be an exciting journey. As you begin, there are a few things you may want to acquaint yourself with to reach your destination. Think about participating in this virtual adventure (tutorial) to help chart a course toward success.

Astia – Founded in Silicon Valley in 1999 as a non-profit, this organization is dedicated to identifying and promoting high-growth ventures that include women leaders. Astia provides a creative and proven approach that contributes to the success of women leaders and their ventures.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Startup Ideas – Ready to start your own business venture? The Chamber of Commerce profiles many start-up business ideas, one of which maybe just right for you.


Education and Development

Forte Foundation – Here is a community of motivated and inspiration women who are transforming leadership in every field in industry. Members from diverse background, industries and career stages unite to help launch you into fulfilling, significant careers. This is accomplished via guidance toward business education, professional development and a community of women who have achieved success in their sector.

Girl Develop It (GDI) – Don’t be shy. Develop it! Here is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable programs for adult women and non-binary individuals to learn web and software development in a judgement free environment.

Women’s Business Development Council – The WBDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the tools and resources to help women thrive in business. Virtual chats with interactive A&A, resources and advice help keep women moving forward during these challenging times.

Career Girls, College Majors and Requirements - What subjects interest you? Do you already have a career in mind? There is so much to think about when choosing a college major. This website is a great place to begin.

Dress for Success – At work, never show bare shoulders! Don’t wear open-toed shoes! Stay away from wearing slacks! Are these statements myths or truths? This organization is a nonprofit and seeks to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help you thrive in work and in life.

American Management Association, Online Leadership Development for Women - As a woman in business, you are in a great position to achieve your goals and meet your obligations head-on. Building essential business skills will give you greater advantage in your marketplace sector. Check out AMA’s courses and seminars designed for those interested in leadership roles and career advancement.

Girls Who Code – Diversity, equity and inclusion are valued and essential to the mission of Girls Who Code. The focus is not only on gender diversity but also on young women who historically have been underrepresented in the computer science fields. The initiatives include club, college programs and summer immersion sessions.


Construction Careers for Women

California Tradeswomen

Orgeon Tradeswoman

Minority and Female Skilled Trades Association