Port and Harbor Operations Management

America’s Marine Transportation System (MTS) transports the products that American businesses and residents use every day.  Companies in this industry operate ports, harbors (including docking and pier facilities) and canals.  The main activities of port and harbor operations management include loading and unloading cargo from ships, lighthouse operations, coordinating paperwork for incoming shipments, maintenance, and administration of computer systems to connect cargo with recipients, and delivering accommodations to docked vessels.

The associations listed below represent organizations made up of people (members) who work and promote advancement in the field.  Associations provide opportunities for networking and learning more about the field’s trends and directions.

If Port and Harbor Management Operations has grabbed your attention, there are programs at technical, community, and public and private colleges to help you prepare for a career in this line of work.  Use the College Search Tool to begin your discovery.  Enter the keyword ‘maritime’ into the search field.