Pool and spa installers install and maintain swimming pools and hot tubs.

What Do Pool and Spa Installers Do?

Many private homes and public facilities have swimming pools and/or hot tubs for recreation and relaxation, and pool and spa installers are responsible for the safe construction, installation, and maintenance of these structures. Homeowners may desire above or in-ground pools, while other structures such as athletic facilities, clubs, and hotels often have pools and/or spas. Pool and spa installers install pools and spas to the customer’s specifications, considering factors such as shape, temperature, and location, and use a variety of materials including fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl. They must ensure that the pools and spas they build comply with health and safety standards, ensure that these features are properly connected to a building’s water system, and clear the land if the pool will be built outdoors. Pool and spa installers also perform maintenance work on already existing pools and spas.