Between backyards and around businesses, fence erectors put up fences to divide properties, contain animals, and create privacy or security. Fence erectors typically have the skills needed to put up and repair a variety of fences, from white picket fences to chain link topped with barbed wire. They often start by discussing customers’ needs and preferences, and providing cost and project time estimates. Fence erectors measure and lay out fence lines, dig trenches and post holes, make rails, and assemble gates. The variety of materials means fence erectors perform basic carpentry and welding, as well as mixing and pouring concrete. On a daily basis, these workers use hand and power tools that can be hazardous, so fence erectors wear safety equipment and protective clothing and must follow safe practices to prevent injuries and accidents on the work site. Fence erectors typically work 40 hours or more per week. Positions typically require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Fencing contractors build, erect, and repair fences made of various materials.

What Do Fencing Contractors Do?

Many buildings, both residential and commercial, have fences around or near them to provide protection and privacy. Fencing contractors are responsible for building these structures. Fences can be made out of wood, chain-link metal, stone, and other materials, and fencing contractors may work with any or all of these materials. They use both hand and power tools to construct fences, and should have special training in order to properly construct and install fences without damaging the surrounding property. Fencing contractors may make their own fence posts, dig holes for fence post placement, align posts properly, and secure posts in place with concrete or by tamping down the soil.