Home inspectors are private businesses hired to evaluate the condition of residential real estate for prospective buyers and sellers, including plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, foundations and roofing.  (Building inspectors work for municipalities to ensure new construction and renovations comply with codes and safety standards).

What Do Home Inspectors Do?

Whether a home is newly built or previously occupied, it must be inspected for compliance with codified regulations; home inspectors are responsible for performing these evaluations. The process of buying and selling a home almost always involves hiring a home inspector to examine both the owner’s current home and the home they wish to buy, and new construction is subject to inspection as well. Home inspectors assess the overall structural integrity and quality of a home, as well as all of the home’s features and systems: roof, exterior and interior walls, plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling. Although home inspectors do not have the authority to compel compliance with codes and regulations, their job is essential to helping homeowners, buyers, and sellers to determine the safety and quality of their current or future dwelling.