This industry comprises establishments primarily responsible for the construction (including new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs) of commercial and institutional buildings and related structures, such as stadiums, grain elevators, and indoor swimming facilities. This industry includes establishments responsible for the on-site assembly of modular or prefabricated commercial and institutional buildings. Included in this industry are commercial and institutional building general contractors, commercial and institutional building for-sale builders, commercial and institutional building design-build firms, and commercial and institutional building project
construction management firms.

Illustrative Examples
Airport building construction
Office building construction
Arena construction
Parking garage construction
Barrack construction
Prison construction
Farm building construction
Radio and television broadcast studio construction
Fire station construction
Grain elevator or bin construction
Religious building (e.g., church, synagogue, mosque, temple) construction
Restaurant construction
Hospital construction
School building construction
Hotel construction
Shopping mall construction
Indoor swimming facility construction
Warehouse construction (e.g., commercial, industrial, manufacturing, private)