Communication and Journalism Careers

Communication, arguably, is the most important skill used in any career across industries, as well as in your personal life, relationships and navigating the world.  Communication studies involve mass media and communications (newspapers, journalism, radio, television, etc.), speech communication (rhetoric, speechwriting, public speaking, interpersonal communication), and public relations, marketing and advertising (corporate communications, media messages, social media, etc.)

There are several different facets of communications.

Communication and Media Studies

  • Interdisciplinary coursework in mass communications combined with social sciences and humanities prepares you to work in a career that disseminates information, reports noteworthy news items, or critiques media culture.


  • Traditional journalism careers focused on writing for newspapers, magazines, or websites, as well as for broadcast media, about current events using facts and evidence. However, with the addition of digital media and content written in blogs, social media, webcasts and podcasts, there can be a much more editorial bent to information produced and distributed.

Radio, Television and Digital Communication

  • Studies the theories and processes of planning, producing and distributing information/communication through broadcast and digital communications including television, radio, and online media.

Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication

  • Using the skills of persuasive communication, this area involves organizational communication, public relations (management of a company or individual’s brand or public persona and internal communications), and advertising.


  • Involves the preparation, print and distribution of information through printed materials, most often books, for sale and consumption. Involves editing, content creation, print production and design, professional communication, technical writing and project management.

New Media Management

  • Focus in this area revolves around digital communication—search engine optimization, enterprise web and digital strategies, data, social media campaigns—and the management, finance and marketing functions of communication.


Careers in Applied Communication
Careers in Journalism and Broadcasting