Sports writers keep fans up to date on scores, games, and sports news.

Something is always going on in the world of sports, whether it's a team making a controversial trade or a champion player losing a winning streak. No matter what the news is, if it could affect their favorite game, sports fans will want to know about it. Sports writers are tasked with keeping them in the know about the latest happenings through a variety of channels, from written blog posts to live game commentary.

Many sports writers focus on a specific sport, though some cover different activities depending on the season. A great deal of sports writing and reporting consists of straightforward game summaries that can keep busy fans in the loop. It's also common to read extended write-ups of well-known figures, with a few season updates thrown in for good measure. Some reporters focus on bringing exclusive content to their readers, whether that means using professional connections to secure one-on-one interviews with coaches to discuss strategy or following a player around on their day off and writing about where they go. Others theorize about the game itself, making season projections or tournament brackets based on player standings, strengths, and statistics, or share a writer's opinion of how things are going in a certain corner of the sports world.

Work in sports writing may include...

  • Attending games and making note of unusual
  • Keeping track of player statistics and updates
  • Analyzing numbers, wins, and their implications
  • Writing entertaining, accurate, timely content for sports fans
  • Choosing subjects that will interest audiences

Sports writers tend to work for news outlets, media companies, independent publications, and sporting associations. Jobs in sports media can get competitive, but there is almost always a role somewhere down the line for a dedicated fan who has a way with words. A sports writer's work environment depends on a number of factors; freelancers often work from home, while reporters write from newsrooms and live correspondents report from games. This can be an important consideration when it comes to finding the right role, as games tend to occur outside of business hours and developments could happen at any time.

The most common path to a career in sports writing is obtaining a Bachelor's degree in journalism. Students with an interest in sports may be able to focus their assignments on sports-related topics and start a writing portfolio early, which could give them an edge upon graduation. Students may also volunteer to report the activities of their school's teams for college publications, which can teach them about the demands of the job in a low pressure environment.

If you're tuned in to the world of sports and have a lot to say on the subject, sports writing could be the career choice for you.

The National Sports Media Association is the oldest organization in the United States honoring sports media.

The Football Writers Association of America consists of men and women across America who cover college football for a living.

The Professional Basketball Writers Association is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of people who regularly cover the NBA for newspapers, magazines and websites.

The Association for Women in Sports Media is a volunteer-managed nonprofit that supports and advocates for women who work in sports media.