International Finance Major

International Finance Studies is a program that prepares individuals to manage international financial operations and related currency transactions.

International Finance Studies majors and degree programs will likely include courses in international banking, international monetary and financial policy, money and capital markets, foreign exchange, risk analysis, and international cash flow operations.

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Search for colleges that offer a degree in International Finance (use the College Search feature and enter " International Finance " in the major search field). Read the school’s department pages, they are often loaded with useful and specific information about the field.

What can you do with a major/degree in International Finance Studies?

With a degree in this major, there is a broad range of career opportunities in international banking, financial management, business development and trade.

Trade Associations and Professional Organizations in International Finance Studies:

Professional associations are groups of professionals dedicated to topics in specific fields. Professional associations provide a wealth of online resources, some of which are geared specifically towards students. These organizations typically also host conferences and events, providing great opportunities for learning and networking across your field of interest.


Publications/Magazines in International Finance Studies: