Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Career

If you work as a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, you market and promote pharmaceuticals for animals to veterinarians, business owners, trainers, animal organization management, animal hospitals, and other professionals who work with animals.  With medicines being so important for pet owners, veterinarians, farmers, and ranchers, it is easy to see why they are essential for ensuring animal welfare, preventing diseases from passing between animals and humans, and protecting food supply.  The subsector of veterinary (animal) pharmaceutical sales help animals live longer, higher-quality lives by addressing infections, diabetes, obesity, pain, cancer and age-related diseases. Just as humans rely on doctors to diagnose ailments and prescribe treatments, animals need veterinarians to manage many types of pharmaceutical treatments.  Veterinarians need consistent and effective representative services in sales of existing and new pharmaceutical products.  The variety of options in veterinary pharmaceuticals includes pills, liquids, injections, powders, feed additives, and boluses.



  • Identify new clients
  • Contact current customers to meet their needs
  • Recommend pharmaceuticals including new products
  • Offer dosage and training counsel to clients
  • Maintain current client base
  • Perform regular calls to client base
  • Prepare presentation and price quotes
  • Meet forecasted personal and organization goals


Median Wage:  approximately $52,000 - $80,000 annually

Employment of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives is projected to grow 5% from 2016 to 2026, modestly faster than the average for all occupations.

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Academic Programs

Most individuals working as a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative hold a four-year bachelor degree.  While there may be no specific postsecondary program designated, a background in the sciences (biology, chemistry, zoology) is most helpful along with supplementary study (internship) in animal science.  Courses in marketing and sales are a helpful addition.


To find an institution of higher education that offers a program relative to your career aspirations as a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, the easiest place to start for most people is to perform a simple search by area of interest. To help you prepare, there are undergraduate degree programs in public and private postsecondary colleges and universities across the country in the following areas:


  • Zoology
  • Animal Science
  • Biology
  • Pre-Veterinary Studies


Use the link provided below and the ‘Browse for Program’ button to search by program area:

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