Military Animal Care Specialist Career

If you work as a Military Animal Care Specialist, you are likely tasked with the basic care for and veterinary treatment of government animals.  This includes all government-owned animals such as dogs, horses, marine mammals, and a variety of laboratory research animals.



The duties of a Military Animal Care Specialist are very similar to that of a civilian veterinary technician including:

  • Assisting veterinarians with surgeries
  • Administering medications and fluids
  • Taking radiographs
  • Update records
  • Collecting data, compiling and analyzing results
  • Monitor animal behavior
  • Monitor dietary intake
  • Restrain animals for safety purposes
  • Provide emergency treatment for injuries


Military pay scales and compensation packages may include a combination of basic salary, housing, medical insurance, food allowances, paid vacation, special tax breaks, and more.  Refer to the U.S. military recruitment websites and recruiter offices.  As well, compensation beyond the military pay scale begins at approximately $20,000 annually.  This amount is adjusted and will increase as rank increases.


Education and Preparation


Individuals interested in becoming a Military Animal Care Specialist can prepare by taking biology and other science courses in high school as to enter this position recruits must provide transcripts that show a minimum of 1 year of both algebra and biological sciences, at the High School or higher level, with at least a “C” grade.  After basic training, advanced individual training generally includes practice in animal care and patient care techniques, at the Department of Veterinary Science. It is about 75% hands-on training and 25% classroom work.


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