Animal Rescue Organization Career

If you work within the realm of Animal Rescue Organization Staff, you likely will find yourself in one of the many diversified ‘administrative’ positions necessary to ensure seamless and efficient organization management.  Animal rescue organizations can be private, public, and most are all non-profit.  Their mission is to take in animals from abusive or dangerous circumstances, provide short-term care, then place the animal in a safe adoptive forever home. You could find yourself working in anyone of the following areas:  Volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator, Tour Guide, Visitor Services Manager, Special Events, Curator of Education Programs.  It is most likely you will not work directly with animals; however, you may need to interact with animals at times.



The duties performed will be specialized to the career title an individual has working as a member of an animal rescue organization.  Of course, a background, coursework, exposure to, and previous experience with animals would be most helpful in any capacity.


Employment in the area of Animal Rescue Organization Staff is varied.  As with any industry organization, what an individual earns on an annual basis is dependent on the type of job being performed, pay scale for such work category, tenure on-the-job, etc.  Typically, the pay scale is hourly.

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Academic Programs

Most individuals who work as staff with an animal rescue organization learn through on-the-job training.  Although not required, certifications may help workers establish their credentials and enhance their skills.


Overall, there are certificate, associate, and bachelor's degree programs in public and private postsecondary institutions across the country that may help provide a path to your career aspirations as an important contributor in an Animal Rescue Organization Staff capacity:

  • Animal Training
  • Animal Services
  • Marine Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Office Automation
  • Aquatic Biology


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