Animal Hydro Therapist Career

An Animal Hydro Therapist uses water immersion or treatment techniques to help animals with rehabilitation needs while recovering from injury.  Animal hydrotherapy is also used as part of pain management or as exercise for animals with mobility issues.


  • Conduct aquatic therapeutic sessions with designated animals.
  • Communicate effectively with current and prospective team personnel to ensure quality in therapy activities.
  • Ongoing monitoring, support and qualification approval visits in accordance with the policy and guidelines.
  • Provide advice and support to clients.
  • Follow procedures for recording, reporting therapy activities, and maintaining confidentiality in line with relevant policy and guidelines.


Median Wage 2019:  approximately $40,000 annually

New job opportunities are very likely in the future as growth in this career subsector is expected to be much faster than average.

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How to become an Animal Hydrotherapist

An Animal Hydrotherapist must be qualified to practice and offer treatment.  You should be certified in Animal Hydrotherapy as well as have some background knowledge and hands-on experience as an animal welfare assistant or veterinary technician.  In support of this, you are basically conducting a medical treatment, and therefore, are required to have the necessary certification and/or credentials.

Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy – Hydrotherapy Certification

Canine Ripples

Canine Behavior College – Animal Hydrotherapy